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for startups

50% of new companies will fail within 2 years of startup

98% will fail in their 6th year.

Aions believes this failure is largely due to lack of proper mentorship. Our founder has been through what you are going through now and made a success of it. We believe that we can do the same for you.

The Aions programme, a 3-year initiative, provides startups with:

    • Weekly business mentorship and founder coaching
    • An accredited entrepreneur course
    • Free office space
    • 3 million ZAR in funding
    • Matching of missing, yet required, business proficiencies
    • Network access
    • Investor relations for further rounds of fund raising

If your business is innovative, scalable, and you’re willing to join it fulltime (or are already in it fulltime), enter our Pitch Competition now to stand the chance of joining the Aions Programme.