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Creating sustainable jobs by developing sustainable businesses.

We’re not venture capitalists, we’re venture builders.

We’re not an incubator, we’re a launchpad.

We don’t just deliver your B-BBEE points, we save you money.

South Africa is in dire straits. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and the divide between the privileged and poor is growing exponentially. We, at Aions Creative Technology aim to offer a beacon of hope, making people believe in B-BBEE again.

  • We partner with corporate South Africa by directly co-investing in black owned companies, with profiles matched to compliment the value and supply chain gaps of the specific corporates.
  • We identify and invest in sound and innovative startups who can grow aggressively from a valuation point of view, and who have the potential to be sustainable and create permanent and valuable jobs.
  • We have created a platform for ALL South Africans to participate in the investment and growth of startups and ultimately benefit in the wealth created by mentioned startups, without the barriers and limitations of traditional stock investment options.